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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Memoirs with Jeremy

March 9th

On this very special day a precious soul was gifted to me.   A gift then and forever he will be.  This beautiful gift filled with laughter, love and joy; soon became a man that would too rapidly deploy.  A soul on his own private journey knowing always what his life was meant to be.  To love, honor and protect his family and his country.  His heart was always full of compassion.   He persevered with every task at hand and had the resolve to complete every made decision.  His forgiveness always seeped in love.  The depth of his commitment most knows not of.  His loyalty permeated him with strength; all things done in unconditional love.

This small precious gift opened as a flower with grace, fragrance and almighty power.  A beautiful soul of substance and value grew into a Marine of valor.  Too soon this precious soul has finished his earthly journey returning to his safe home……. I sure miss you honey; I love you with a love that is immutable and infinite. 

Mom of Staff SSgt. Jeremy D. Smith, USMC 03-09-85 -04-06-11

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