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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

I don’t believe I have ever met anyone that doesn’t believe in Angels.  There are stories about them, poems about them and movies have been made about them.  There are also accounts and testaments by many about being saved by them when something extremely traumatic has happened in their lives.  I have also noticed that most people are comfortable talking about angels and most have a story somewhere along their path.

I do believe in Angels and ask for their help and guidance every day after thanking Father God, Mother Earth and Jesus for the light, love and teachings for us to learn from.  I am very thankful to all light beings and ascended masters.

However; if you talk about life after physical death most people can’t even look you in the eye, they will change the subject, become uncomfortable and there are others that do believe but rather not talk about it.

Since my son’s transition on 04-06-11 it is at the top of my list to discuss and hence the reason I have been compelled to blog about my life after my son’s physical death and visits from my Jeremy. 

Jeremy wants to give encouragement to all the moms who have lost sons and daughters to the war; he wants to bring peace to dads and comfort to the siblings who have lost their best friend.  He wants to reach all the parents no matter how your child came to transition.  He wants you to know that your children do live on and are in a beautiful peaceful and joyful land of love.

I sense Jeremy’s presence a lot but as time has passed I believe that he has become busy with his “spiritual duties and teachings”; I am not receiving as many intense visits as I did in the beginning.  I believe for one:  that it is because I have to learn to come to terms with his transition on my own and learn from this trauma and two:  he has ascended and has much to learn.  However; I always feel his connection with me from my heart and I hear him when I need to.  He says often to me “I am here Mom”.

The dark hours after Jeremy’s transition I honestly wasn’t sure if my body and mind were going to survive such tragedy.  It would have been much easier on me if I had gone instead or with my son.  But, I knew from the inception that a pack had been made and I was not only going to learn to endure and survive, but I have something very real and important to learn from the processing of our tragedy in the form of living my life again; finding the new normal.

Jeremy taught me to not stay in Midnight, he then taught me to not go to Midnight and I am now learning to move forward and not be as paralyzed by his leaving our world and returning Home.

I have done much reading from many authors regarding the supernatural spirit realm.  They all differ one from the other on various points and ideas, but they are all adamant in life after physical death; the Spirit Realm. 

I can only add to that my life experience and nothing else.  I have shared my turmoil and pain but more importantly I have shared the light that has been giving me to find my way out of the darkest Midnight I have ever encountered.

More importantly than that; I have shared my son’s visits, encouragement, the care he has given me and his wisdom to help pull me through.  I have seen his golden energy which was absorbed into me to give my body assistance, I have dreamt of him and he is always happy and on several occasions I have met him in the spirit realm and have felt my spirit return to my body and I even got to hug him once and felt his physical body hugging me back.  It has been sensational and beautiful and I have been very thankful for Jeremy’s visits and guidance.

I share this to say; if we can grasp the concept that there is life after physical death then we will not just endure and survive our children leaving before us we will find a way to even celebrate that they do live on and we will get to see them again!!!

They wish more than anything for us to be able to go forward and accept the gift of life and continue to learn what it is we set out to accomplish in the Spirit Realm after being borne into this world. 

We have our own private journeys which now entails the survival skills and enlightenment that accompanies our children’s transition to share, to grow from and to let our higher self be free to soar with knowledge and understanding and see our children in the Light.

In love and understanding,

Sandra xx

Proud Mom of Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith, USMC, 03-09-85 – 04-06-11

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