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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

It was as though I was a small child standing by a beautiful Christmas tree and my “parents” handed me an intriguing gift wrapped in glistening red with a huge red bow.  I only had to lift the lid to open the box.

As I began to open the box rainbows floated around me, sunshine streamed through the cracks, moonlight like fairy dust tinkled in a melodious sound. Wider the top was opened and I saw into a beautiful world of flowers, streams, mountains, the ocean, trees, birds, meadows, hills; all the glorious things of our world.  Everything magical, pure and beautiful was within this box and was permeated in love, peace and joy. However; and more importantly I saw that I was given the gift of life.

I was suddenly very happy for my son.  No …… I was elated for my son.  I have a serene sense of elation and peace.  I fell joyful for him; true joy.

As I ponder this glorious moment; I am absorbing his transition as an accomplishment, a job well done just as I did when he completed all his tasks and goals as my son and child in this world.

In one very tiny moment I realized that my son’s gift to earth; was a gift personalized and specialized for him.  He finished his journey and it was time to return home; his real Home.  

I am as proud as when he took his first step, said his first word, graduated from High School, completed with great pride boot camp, coming home from each deployment in Iraq gaining medals upon medals for his bravery, courage and accomplishments. 

Leaving him with one last accomplishment that comes with worldly medals of Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart and many others, however, the greatest medal of all was awarded him.  He lay down his life for his brother and was welcomed Home with the greatest achievement of all, “Well done, Son” from his Parents upon his return.

I can sense the homecoming.  I can only put it into worldly terms, Angelic music and singing, thousands of Angels welcoming “my son” with love.  The entire ambiance is steeped in love and peace.  There is such joy and love it is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.  My son, Jeremy, my precious gift for his lifetime finished his journey and it was time for him to return.

He was given the red box with the big bow that contained his gift of life on earth.  He received his beautiful gift completely knowing what his journey would entail; he received it with a glad heart and thankfulness for being given the gift of life and the new adventure in our world.

As he took that gift and played with it, toyed with it, lived it and at last the gift was depleted and completed; it was simply time to be welcomed Home and enjoy his much deserved celebration.

At last I celebrate with you, Jeremy.

In love and understanding I share,

Sandra xx

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