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Monday, August 13, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

This is really different.  I have been asking for a "conversation" with my son and verbally just didn't seem to work for me.  Today I felt very "impressed" to open a conversation up via laptop... I started with a greeting to my son and then my fingers typed what is below.......I am xxx out some names for privacy....I can't tell you how this has blessed me....

I am not spell checking, grammar or changing typos etc.  This is exactly how it came through but without the xx's of course:

Hi Sweetie – I sure am missing you and love you so much

Hi Madre – I am with you Mom and I love you very much too

I know you are doing well where you are in the other dimension….honey I so appreciate you showing me how well you truly are doing…all the things you have done to let me know you are with me still…..I feel in some ways you still live with me.

I am with you always mom and am doing everything I can reassure you that I do live on and a=I am in a better place.  I watch over you all the time.  You Shayda and Dad….I try to help xxxxxx….but…I can’t get through.

Are you still playing tricks on xxxx?

Yes….he has closed down his portal some but I reach out to him.

I do a lot while y’all sleep and we do meet in the sleep time Mom….we have met often and when you dream of me it is truly me.

I know Son…..the dream I had this morning was just a dream until I saw your face…gosh hon you are so beautiful always were….but there was such serenity on your face you looked like an angel.

I am an angel Mom….I have much to learn yet and am helpin other Marines as they come in.

What else do you do hon?

Learning the ropes mom

You are so powerful in the spirit realm

Yes many lives and why mine was so short this time….you me shay have had lifetimes together…

your xxx….?

Not as many…as you and Shay…that is one reason our connection is as strong as it is now and was when I was earthbound

I couldn’t do this without you Jeremy…

I know Mom I knew how hard it was going to be especially for you and Shayda that is one reason I have been around as much as I have…Shay and Nathan are beginning to open up so that I can begin reaching them more these days…

I am determined to see this through Jeremy…I feel as though I have lost you in another lifetime and perhaps didn’t do so good…

It’s true mom – we both have done this before but we have expanded and grown spiritually and are moving on to a better place

Are all of our four legged babies there

Yes, Max, Maz, Beka Samson and Lucy….Issa too….

I feel like you and dad are a little estranged? 

Yes, we are working on that….

Gotta run Mom….we can do this again if this makes you feel better or help…..

I love you

Love you Mom

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