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Monday, July 16, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

How fortunate we are to have today to be thankful for

Each blessed breath that we take needing more

How thrilling that our bodies flow with blood through our veins

How mysterious that our bones holds up our frame

How glorious through the eye the beauty we conceive

Looking through the window of our souls to see

Our blood flows, rhythm of the breath, eyes looking, asking

How complex are we that we are constantly multi-tasking?

In the midst of our bodies functioning; are we counting our blessings?

Complex issues and politics burning red hot

Is it your God or my God who’s is not?

How many true Gods can there be

One for each nation internationally

Could it be that culture puts ideas in our heads?

That my God is your God and He’s not dead

I believe it is God and one Universal Mind

He is generously biding His time

The day will come and we will find out

That God is Universal with love that leaves no doubt

He’s my God; he’s yours and theirs too

He’s loving, kind, generous and sees you

He sees them and those and me as well

One Universal Mind, One Universal Spirit do tell

One Universal Love and God is waiting to hear it

Waiting on the whole world to be one in Spirit                                                          

Sandra K. Harris-Smith 09/11/11

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