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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

Independence Day was a lot harder on me than I expected it to be.  I am still recovering from the absence of my son in the physical realm and how nice it would have been to come together as a family and celebrate.

I did take my Yorkie for a wee swim.  She loves to swim and I felt that Jeremy coaxed me to take her; of course I enjoyed it too.  I did hot dogs in honor of Jeremy and the swim because he wanted me to take a dip.  It did help my mood considerably.

Yesterday, however; I couldn’t help but to think over and over that what I seem to have left in life right now is memories.  My entire family lives somewhere else and it seems I have been saying bye to everyone for years and the finality of the physical realm of saying goodbye to my son drives this home even harder. 

Well, as a family we did not get the opportunity to say bye to Jeremy.  There was really no closure.  I don’t relish the idea him being marked as the first man to be killed by a drone – but that is the legacy that is left the family.  I asked the Houston Chronicle to please do an article about Jeremy the man, Jeremy the Marine and they did so – it was a beautiful article.

I am looking out the window as I share with you.  What I have done today to nourish my soul and broken heart is to find life in everything I look upon; trees, birds, squirrels, flowers.  This helps me to focus on life and in focusing on life it helps me to remember that Jeremy is alive.  When I focus on his transition it keeps me in the now, the present and pivots me to the spiritual realm where the light is; this light never goes out.  The spirit realm is full of light, love and vibrational energy of life.

I will try to remain in this vibration today and keep myself aligned with the Light Source for it is where the healing is as well. 

I am reminded also today that our real time on planet Earth is not the same in the nonphysical realm; I must learn to be patient and concentrate not just on finishing my journey, but doing so with a heart and soul aligned with Spirit.

In love and understanding,

Sandra xx

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