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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

It’s close to fifteen months since my son’s departure to the spirit realm and off to his new adventures.  I have mentioned that I have done research into others experiences, thoughts and belief systems and I must say that it comes full circle to that our children absolutely do live on and are always with us; always looking over us.  This is something I knew down deep in my soul but still when it is your child, your only son; I have had to have confirmation and confirmation again.

I will also say that within this window of time with Jeremy being gone for me to be able to read and do some research is a marked improvement in and of itself.  I am an avid reader and for one year could not read anything or absorb a sentence.  I still have trouble with things of legal nature, etc. my mind still seems to fragment and gets overloaded easily, but I have improved.

I do feel my son’s presence most of the time and although I miss him no less in the physical realm; I am so appreciative of his presence.  The connection is so strong and sometimes I feel I can reach out and touch him; other times it is more subtle yet I know he is with me.

I do believe that Jeremy and I had some unfinished business so to speak; however, as I talk to him through the day I feel his love for me strongly.  He knows and understands more about me now and as we know there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  I certainly have made my share of mistakes and wrong choices but being a good mom was the most important thing to me in spite of those wrong turns.  Jeremy was extremely mature in the military world but because that is where he grew into a man from high school there were things he learned to acclimate to in the civilian realm.  So we have put those small matters behind us and I am looking forward to any nugget or morsel that can be given me to share with anyone that will listen because I believe part of what they do in helping us is guiding us spiritually along the way and to help us grow and mature spiritually.  I truly believe that our children are helping to pave the road to heaven for us and with us.

I love and miss my son so much and wish I could laugh with him and hug him in the physical realm, however; I will not complain because in some ways I have him much more often in my life and the bond is stronger than it ever was and we were extremely close here and loved each other and our family fiercely.

I feel that ninety-eight percent of what I have shared on my blog has been a spiritual avenue via the Spirit and my son to help us all in the hardest task to endure that we will ever encounter.  I pray that something has helped you as it has it has helped me…….

In love and understanding,

Sandra xx

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