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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy


He believes that we decide when we leave our physical bodies and “go home” or “join God”  -  I believe this as well.  I also agree with him that we could possible know on a subconscious level.  In fact, I know this is true because of the spiritual exchange that Jeremy and I had.

He further states that although we decide when we do not necessarily know the how – I agree with this as well, to me it makes sense because if we know how we are naturally not going to want to leave our families so in many ways it makes sense that this would not be “predicited”.  Plus – we would all just rather lie down and go to sleep….. Unfortunately that it not always the way; we know that all too well.

He speaks of 9/11 – people leaving violently and in masses and he believes that they needed to go to the next spiritual level at the same time – other work at the next level….. I agree with this as well, however; I think it speaks to all who pass on.  I also know due to traumas have occurred in my life that you seem to move out of your body at the time of the trauma and if you return then the healing process is where the true pain occurs.  I can only speak for myself – no one else who has been in violent incidences.

He mentions people who are in disbelief of his gift and have high expectations (have certain expectations/validations but mediums are not in control of what the energies want to share) for specifics and how it causes the energies to stop coming through.  I also know this to be true…. Where there is doubt and disbelief the energies will not force themselves on you.

He says if a loved one reaches out to contact you to please not dismiss the experience for they are reaching out in love and if you dismiss or respond negatively they will cut off communication with you because they will see that you are not read or willing.  Absolutely I have had this happen as well…..

“As this generation becomes more aware of the open lines of communication between our world and the next one, you yourself will become more a part of this process.  I think that talking to our loved ones on the other side on a daily basis – and without the use of a medium – will become commonplace.”   *******

A lady criticized the fact he was a psychic and that it went against Christian principles, he stated that the Bible was the greatest psychic book ever written by man via (Holy) Spirit.  The charismatic churches have prophets which are the same thing.

“Well, I know from all my guides and all the energies that have come through to me over the last few decades that when a person crosses over, their first task on the Other Side is to reflect on the life they’ve had here and understand why they made the choices they did, see how their actions affected others, and realize what they will need to work on while they are on the Other Side.”  I think we mostly maintain that life here is like being in school and when we pass on it is a type of graduation to the next spiritual level….  I do anyway.

******“Now if you understand that the exchange of energies between two people doesn’t stop just because the body stops, and we can continue to “exchange energy” or communicate with our loved ones even after they’ve crossed over, it stands to reason if you had a troubled relationship with someone and they crossed over, and then, in reviewing their life, they’ve learned of their misguided ways and cleared their energy of negative patterns then you both can continue to work on and improve your relationship…………………………….I often suggest to people they sit down and write letters to their loved ones who have passed because I know they are looking over our shoulders………..”

******“I do believe they hear our words and feel our feelings and respond by sending us their own feelings in return.  Often we may not be aware of it.  For many people, this happens during dreams, or with a “feeling” that we brush off and think it is a figment of our imagination.  But, believe me it is happening.”

Life goes full circle..... Sandra xx

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