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Monday, June 18, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

I felt like I was cheating by posting the facebook posts on my last blog.  However; it just summed up everything I have experienced over the past year.  Just said it all; a picture is worth a thousand words. 

I am just visiting my blog today; checking in.  This has been a great avenue for me to share and within that sharing it has ministered probably more to me than anyone. 

I am not compelled to share or impressed to write about specifics today regarding my visits with Jeremy or my healing process.

I believe for awhile I will be learning to apply the revelations that have been shared with me through this process myself.  Everthing I have shared and all I have written I wish to be a daily routine for myself. 

I am still processing the tragedy to my son; it was so pointless and now I read on yahoo about Obama and his drone and the Taliban drone strikes.  The Obamas, sent my family a generic letter apologizing for my famalies loss.  Jeremy was given a Bronze Star ( Ben Rast) for their sacrifice; I feel as though Obama should have made sure they received the Medal of Honor; hey how about a phone call or a text?  They were the first of our men to be killed by this ill fated drone.  I am not angry with our men; albeit it probably sounds like it.  They were all doing their jobs including Ben and Jeremy.  However; our sons were protecting their unit; that is why Jeremy went to Afghanistan.  He trained these men and wanted to make sure they got home; Ben stayed beside Jeremy as his medic because he had a bad feeling about what was about to happen.  I can tell you for sure their anxiety was palatable - I could not sleep for feeling my son's painful energy.  I am proud of them, so proud.  The men, their unit made it home.

One of the men was welcomed with a new baby boy when he returned - how lovely is that!!!!  So when I think of this horrible incident and what we as their families are enduring it helps to know that some little boy is gonna have his dad around for a long time.  The circle of life and to think our sons made that happen.

But, again I am not happy that the Obama's did nothing to bring our sons honor except for a generic letter to the family.  Doesn't seem right, but you have all the red tape, protocol and the proverbial authority ladder throughout the White House and of course our military has to have their protocol.  Some of it makes sense to me yet on the other hand our sons gave their lives - they gave everything they had and with brave hearts and fierce loyalty.  Where is the White House loyalty?  Mmmm.... think I will play a game of golf today; no better yet - think I'll get on that jet and fly across the world  and have a family vacation.  Oh... that's right.... my family was taken from me.

Well, I say I am not angry....I am not - truly not - angry with our men or our military again they were doing their jobs the way they were trained.

But the White House and all those men in the Senate, those making the laws and setting the protocol - wonder which one would give their life for their country.... I wouldn't ask for that, but hey.... how about taking a pay cut so that some of our families can afford their homes and not have to pay these outragious property taxes we pay in Texas.

Ok.....political today.... rambling..... my spirit is good - I am not toxic.  I am merely stating facts.  My son and Ben died for this country and this country is being bankrupt and schools are being shut down, good people have no jobs and therefore no homes.......

I will leave it at that....

In true love for this country....and you..... Sandra xx

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