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Monday, June 11, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

I have been doing some research on life after transition the last few days.  I have read a few books, listened to a few tapes, reread another book and have gone to videos and prior to this a few movies that address the quantum leap, life after transition and channeling.

My son has proven to me by different people and methods that he is still alive on the other side of the veil.  He has actually in my estimation proven this to me by the means he used to reach me; I have written of them over the last year plus.

Still I search to learn more because there are so many different opinions and beliefs; well, the truth is no one truly knows how this goes down until you have transitioned yourself.

During the research and pondering Jeremy’s visitations and presence I today have my own opinion.  I have been edging around this for months because I haven’t felt qualified to share something so surreal.  But I just know that I know and it is so difficult to describe the other “world” because it is so out of this world. J  But here goes…..this is what I trust and have faith in.

I believe that when you walk in the light darkness cannot come in, I believe when you are in the light that the light beings and angels can help you if you ask, I believe within this light is a portal – a spiritual portal and with all my heart I believe that when a loved one crosses over that you are still connected to them spiritually; the closer you are to them the tighter the connection in the spirit realm – in my opinion.

I believe that our children who have gone before us watch over us daily; I believe it is possible that when we sleep we can go into another dimension and actually visit with them.  I have on several occasions have had a recollection of such visits with my son.

I believe that they are always with us and they will always be with us – I have been uncertain of this until recently and after researching and taking in all I have learned from Jeremy; I don’t think they ever “go away”.  I believe our children are making a path for us to join them and in the meantime they are doing what they can to assist us with the cross we have been given to bear without them for the rest of our journey in the physical realm.

I believe that even though Jeremy may be learning new skills, perhaps he is helping other military men to cross over, however; in the midst of it all he may be busy with, that it is somehow possible to keep watch over me and mine.

I have struggled with the idea of his leaving spiritually and there not be visits from him one day.  I am willing to not cling to him or hold him back because I want him to be free and happy.  I believe he has stepped back a little so that I can find my land legs again and become stronger in that he not need to physically support me.  However; spiritually, in the nonphysical realm I have come to the firm opinion that he will always be here.  I feel his presence now as I convey to you my supernatural experiences with my son.

I believe the tragedy of his transition has made me hungry to learn and willing to be open and more sensitive to the portals we have to the supernatural-nonphysical world that we cannot go to because our vibrations are too low and our because our bodies our dense.  However; I believe that when we raise our vibrations then they can lower their vibrations and we can meet in the middle.

What an epiphany – people who channel do this all the time, hence they are called mediums.

I believe that we each have the same opportunity to be sensitive and open to these portals, these little peeks into the supernatural and that anyone and everyone has the “gift” or sensitivity to visit.  I believe that the Universal Love of God has given us all gifts that we operate in and a few are stronger in their gifts than others, but I think that has to do with faith.

I know to stay in the light you have to walk and breathe the light every day.  I know of some who have their “rituals” and/or meditation and prayer and I believe you should go to the light by the means you choose.  Visiting or meditation with God and having the faith to know that He is pure love and trust His light and energy are essential.  I do meditate, I do pray but I also try to stay in the light in all things.  I say this to say that I personally do not have a ritual, method or formula.  I cannot conjure Jeremy up and cause him to materialize no matter how hard I might try; I just feel his presence and it is stronger at times than at other moments.   I believe this portal is open for him because I desire it to be but I also believe the energy I am vibrating also has a lot to do with his visitations – hence, staying in the light with prayer and meditation I seem to see him more often.  In the beginning when I was overtaken by grief and basically had nothing but low vibrations Jeremy literally willed me to live.  I mention this because it is a bit of a paradox being in the throes of his transition he was with me but I also had to learn to get out of the midnight that called to me.  Jeremy taught me how to stay out of midnight and basically urged me to not return to midnight but stay in the light where there is healing and life.

I pretty much find I pray all the time – or really I talk to God most of the time and I do meditate and the breath is cleansing.  Outside of what I have mentioned there are no rituals for me.  By all means, if “rituals” work for you then you must do what works for you.  It is the same process as our grieving, we all do it differently.

I had an exceptional visit from Jeremy the other night.  The lens fell out of my glasses and I couldn’t see to put it back into the frame.  I was very tired but was in the middle of my research (seeking other’s opinion and ideas) and had a strong desire to read a little before I slept.  I finally put my glasses down and said “I am so exhausted” and felt as though I did not have the energy or patience it would take to get the lens back into the frame.  Jeremy very gently seemed to absorb into my body and very sweetly said “Move over Mom, let me do this”.  I do not remember picking the glasses up or trying to align them into the frame; the lens at that point was in the frame and the glasses were in my hand.  It was awesome.  I grinned from ear to ear and said a big “thank you, Jeremy” and went about my business.  It was simply extraordinary and I marvel every time he does something special to help me.

Even this morning I was reminded of something he has done since he was a small boy and it made me laugh out loud because I discovered that my daughter and I do the same thing periodically – it’s private and I mustn’t share, but it was a good “inside family joke”.

I know there are so many skeptical of such a supernatural occurrence but I share to say I am not anything but willing to hear from my son.  I only share that in hopes that perhaps you too will be blessed by the presence of your child; your loved one.  It is the only reason I share.  I feel compelled to do so because I believe that they want to touch your heart and for you to know they do live on and that they are so happy where they are.  The only thing that would make it any more perfect for them is that you know they are happy and well and to have faith in the fact that they do live on.

In talking with others along the way they too have felt Jeremy’s presence and have had supernatural occurrence/s.  I have talked to other parents and they “thought” they felt their loved ones presence.  I believe that there is not enough on this topic to help others to simply be open to a portal that can be shared.

I am a novice and I can only share the miraculous visits and occurrences that I have shared with Jeremy.  Earlier in my years I would sometimes have supernatural occurrences as far back as I can remember; but nothing as strong and as consistent as with my son.  Just to say, I have seen and spoken to my dad and his mother when they transitioned and I found it to be a blessing and not anything to be afraid of.

I hope my sharing has blessed you and perhaps give you faith and the absolute knowing that your child looks over you and know they are more alive than we are.  

In love and understanding,

Sandra xx

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