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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

April 15, 2012 Memoirs with Jeremy

In honor of my son Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith USMC   03-09-85 - 04-06-11

An entire year has gone by as though it’s eternity yet it seems a second that I last got to see you.  There have been so many milestones that have brought me and the family honor; but take us to the Midnight hour.  We are so honored by you for bringing such respect and light to our family at each milestone and every second that passes; I know from your soul to mine that you knew what lay ahead; yet selflessly you went bravely forward to the enemy masses.

On your birthday I screamed and cried from my womb; knowing no matter how I pushed, resisted and cried for you that you would not be reborn to me again; for your journey this lifetime has come to an end.

On your transition day my heart broke over and over into millions of shiny shards; so broken and splintered was my heart.  My body is so frail from this crushing blow; yet you uphold me telling me you will never let me go. 

On this day April 14th, 2012 the military honored you and did so well.  They not only showed respect and honor by the Bronze Star with Valor; but they shared their tears openly yet were stellar.  With their open love and respect for you; my heart begins to heal knowing what you did for them I understand why you had to do.

I am so proud that you came to your destiny and didn’t falter or flutter knowing these men would get to go home to their mothers.  Thank you son although it is a cross for your family to bear; thank you for being with them; for being there.

In love, respect for my son and “his men”; it is a love and bonding that we can and should all learn from,                       Mom xxoo


In love, respect for my son and “his men”; it is a love and bonding that we can and should all learn from. I truly understand your destiny, journey and path to the fullest after meeting these wonderful Marines. Thank you son for being true to who you are for I know it will save countless lives in the future; even though it was a high price that had to be paid; it is for the greater good for those you love and your country. In love and understanding, Mom xxoo I Love You”

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