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Friday, April 13, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

April 12, 2012 Memoirs with Jeremy

Today is actually Friday the 13th and I wanted to share with you briefly how this memoir was written. 

I was tired and it was getting a little late; yet I felt compelled to share with those of you that I hope to reach and bring love and comfort to.  I remember typing in the date; I awoke some time later and what is the memoir below was written by me while I was asleep.  I am a novice regarding things that are truly supernatural….. I have all my life been “sensitive” to knowing what other people were truly thinking, having “real” dreams and some prophetic words on occasion for others.  But this has been sporadic gifts that God chose to use me for throughout my lifetime.  Although I always write from my heart which I believe is a form of writing via the Spirit.  I have never been asleep and awake to something I totally wrote/typed – my head was literally hanging down with chin on my chest and I found this completed truly do not remember sharing any of the memoir that follows:  (I did add the picture today)

I have felt Jeremy’s presence still; it’s as though his spirits grazes mine just so subtly.  I am remembering upon awakening in the mornings that I am meeting him in my dreams.  As I open my eyes I know that we have met on another dimension; however, I can’t remember the details, but it is as though we depart one from the other, I remember his presence and he has the look of his physical form when we meet in our “dreams” in this other dimension.

I have seen Jeremy’s energy; it was golden and the vibration was so high, so fast it was though it was still.  I have caught glimpses of him moving through the house; I have seen foggy glimpses and again on several occasions I have seen him as though he was still in his earth plane body; there are times I have seen several different spirit realm forms that he was in.

I don’t know how to explain that and want even attempt to do so.  I do hear him on a daily basis, kind of checking in on me and I sense his presence so very often.  I have mentioned though when I have the dark veil of intense grief covering me; he can’t reach through the “darkness”; perhaps because is it much lower energy and vibration.  I feel him much more often and clearer when I meditate and keep connected to the portal of my soul level connecting to the Spirit and we being connecting as one.

Sometimes feeling his spirit is the breeze blowing across my face and there is a strong sense of Jeremy’s profound energy and you just know it is him.  On my more spiritual days, meaning more connected; it is though his presence is at home and he just goes through the day with me.

I have had a “lighter” spirit the last few days and I always go back to the fact when I am on my more high energy days it is as though I can reach through the veil and he is right there.

It is important to say that there is a daily routine that is part of my living and breathing; not always in the same order or way but a spirit of thanksgiving, a heart full of gratitude, keeping my thoughts on kindness and compassion, love from my soul level and the respect and acceptance of other’s journey regardless if I understand them or not.  To have your portals open to the “supernatural” your heart has to be pure of sincere love, forgiveness, acceptance and thankfulness for all that God still does for me, my loved ones and friends daily.  I feel everyone has their own unique way through their spirit to connect to the Universal Mind of God and there is not a formula or mantra; it is simply the purity of your heart.

I don’t blame God for Jeremy transition so early, I believe they had an agreement somehow and his men have all said that if he had not trained them and been there with them that not one of them would have returned home.  So I say that to say that there is a reason and even though I am his earthly mom; it is between Jeremy and his Heavenly Father.  I believe I made a pact too; I can’t imagine how we could possibly get life right and ascend to the heavens ready to receive our “wings” going through just one lifetime; I just know at my age I am just beginning to understand our presence on earth. 

I am just now feeling I am getting a small glimpse of what life is truly about and I reflect back during the early days and see so much time was wasted on mundane things, however; I know that too is part of the learning process.

There is no way that I could have survived this past year without the Loving Spirit of God, the Universal Mind and Love of God and Jeremy being granted to be with me, supporting me and his wonderful visits.  The toll of your child going before you is so painful and harsh that it is a sheer miracle you survive one day or night; it is truly a miracle that you make it through to the next day.  Yet again I say that is why we are called survivors.

I have literally been given choices by God three times regarding bearing this cross or opting to pass. I choose to stay and keep my feet earthly planted for my daughter and her family and also for Jeremy.  I am a Marine Mom and I want to make both my children proud and not just do this, but do it right.

There has been many been things to overcome besides the sheer fact of losing my very special son.  But I want to reiterate that forgiveness, love and acceptance are layers you go through and release and get in the realm of love and acceptance headed straight to your core at your soul level and you will find the Energy, Source, God, Holy Spirit, Universal Mind and Love of God; the connection is immediate and you feel as though you are soaring; it is a most beautiful and peaceful place to be; it is very healing.

There is not one way to connect, there is no formula, there is not a special mantra that is spoken.  It is, again, purity of your heart, shutting down your mind and thoughts forgive and open your spirit to love, forgiving, and total acceptance of each other and being kind to each other regardless of where we are one to the other.

I love my son more each day; he has certainly pivoted me to a deeper understanding spiritually and I know I will remain there searching for more, I choose this for I find peace, healing and a loving realm where my spirit connects with the love and mind of The Universal God.  I believe we are all connected as one and I believe because of that connection that is why I have been reached by Jeremy; simply because I truly believe in the connection and have faith in being one with the Universal Mind and Spirit.

Yes, my heart aches and I desperately want Jeremy home, yes I am still grieving for my son non-stop, but Jeremy has taught me not to stay in Midnight, and now he encourages me not to GO to Midnight and I am learning to take control of my thoughts and mind; spend my time connecting to God and therefore I can find my connection with my son as well.

Forgiveness, acceptance and then the love of the spirit comes to you easily and naturally and it is purifying spirit, soul and body.

In the love of Spirit and deep understanding;

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