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Monday, April 2, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

Please meet Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith USMC – returning from his third tour in Iraq

Needless to say that these are happy mom tears that he returned home safely.  He is loved so much by his family and friends; there is no way to truly relate to anyone what a wonderful person he is from the inside out.  He is missed so much that it hurts.  I am learning the depth of a few of these phrases that are used – it does hurt to miss him this much and it is mind blowing that he will not return home again.  We are proud of him, however; and understand that he chose to be a Marine and was a Marine through and through.  He volunteered for his last two tours because he trained “his men” and wanted to make sure they made it home; he accomplished that except that the medic in Afghanistan would not leave his side, in fact, refused Ssgt. Smith’s command because of the love these men have for each other – it is a bond, kinship and a closeness that no one knows or understands until you have gone to war together.

I have learned so much respect for our men who have had to go to battle and when they return to have to acclimate to civilian life.  Just observing them and absorbing their thankfulness and gratitude for having survived and have a little more time to enjoy life before they deploy once more is a truth and miracle all wrapped in one observation.

What happened to the “law” that an only male child could not enlist and if you were deployed once you never deployed again?

My son did four tours; he knew it wasn’t coming home, yet it is remarkable loyalty to those he trained and it was from his heart and worth it to Jeremy to get them home safely.  I know he wished that the medic had taken cover too.  But, that in and of itself speaks of the loyalty and love they have for each other – to death do they part.  It’s a marriage of sorts that we as civilians will never know or understand unless we walked a few steps in their military boots.

In love and deep understanding,

Sandra xx

Proud Mom of Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith USMC 03-0-09-85 - -04-06-11

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