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Friday, March 9, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

In honor of my son’s birthday today March 9th 2012

Ssgt Jeremy D. Smith USMC 03-09-85 – 04-06-11

We love you son


The wings of a hummingbird so fragile and small

Never once missing a beat and not once do you fall

Although tiny in stature and full of grace

You move with speed and are wondrously brave

The colors you adorn full of beauty to behold

You are truly magical and yet so bold

Hummingbird small and fragile are you

I know you know of the Universe too

The magical place that we all come from

The connection we have that we are all as one

The Universal Mind of God in flight

Hummingbird thank you for gracing our sight

You grace our presence with magnificence beauty

And stagger our mind with such flight that is sturdy

But there is something that we would like to share

A beautiful revelation that you would be here

Everywhere whispering to us your presence

Although in another dimension we sense your very essence

Fluttering those delicate wings that lightly graze our soul

Just to let us know you are here and will never let go

Thank you hummingbird for your beauty and flight

Thank you that you watch over us and are near at Midnight

You have always known how special you are to us

Thank you for visits that have blessed us so much

A hummingbird in flight; magical and mighty

We know you will always watch over your family

02/25/12 for Shayda
We love you Jeremy
                                                 Mom xxooxxoo

Because of the message to our family from a medium being when we saw a hummingbird it meant Jeremy was in our presence; I wrote this for his birthday and in his memory to my daughter for she had a beautiful hummingbird tattooed in his honor and memory from her loving heart.

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