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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

When grief hits your body hard and wreaks havoc from your head to your toes it undoubtedly takes a toll on your body.  Most days I am not really hungry but yet I know I need to eat.  I find myself becoming dehydrated and I usually drink a lot of water during the day; the required amount.  I find that it is easier to eat meals that are frozen, junk, canned; whatever I don’t have to deal with – the less the better.

I have found I have become weak physically and know I need more protein, calcium, water, etc.  I say this to say to you all that are grieving that to be able to go through the fire we must prepare ourselves not just spiritually but we need to take care of our physical bodies.  In taking care of ourselves physically it will equip us to be stronger to handle what the day throws at us mentally and emotionally and it makes us stronger, wiser and more spiritual to be attuned to our bodies and our physical need which in turn will help us mentally and emotionally.

We need to check on ourselves daily and take an account of how we are feeling eternally, i.e. are we aligned with the Spirit, are our thoughts positive and hold steady and strong intentions for ourselves and others, are we in an attitude of thankfulness and being grateful for the good things that do remain in our lives; especially our immediate families.  If we are in alignment we are more relaxed and less tense, we are in the driver’s seat of our thoughts and emotions,

We need to focus on peace and love for ourselves and others because the frequency of these feelings will keep us aligned with the Spirit and One with the Universal Mind of God and Love. 

The more thankful we are to God, to our wonderful prophet and the inception of Christianity and spirituality Jesus, being thankful to all the ascended masters that are still teaching us of love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance; being thankful for our families that remain, especially our children so that they are not feeling left out and are being taken care of not just physically but with their grief as well then I know that I am giving this day all I have to give and am moving forward.

I personally have to stay focused and thankful for the fact that my son has just changed his energy form and has transitioned into his nonphysical form for now.  I remind myself that he is alive; just in another dimension.  When I focus on the transition he has made and that he has only crossed through the veil, is on the other side of the river and that all of our loved ones are patiently waiting for our journey’s end then it makes me stronger and I am able to handle my grief with much more peace and a measure of comfort.

I cannot focus on death, the end, the final breath and burial.  It is too dark; it is too final and it is impossible for me to believe that our Spirits do not live on.  I, for one reason or another, have always believed in life after death.  I cannot say that this was ever taught to me.  I do not believe that we can learn all there is to know spiritually in one life time – at my age; I am still growing up and I haven’t scratched the surface yet.

These are the things I focus on; thankful for and it is what has propelled me to live and to go towards an inception of a new normal and life again.  I know that Jeremy wants to see me happy.

I have felt his spirit strongly today and it gives me so much courage and reinforcement and encouragement to learn to smile again.  I know now for sure that it is hard for him to contact me when I am in the depths of grief; it makes it harder because of the difference of the frequency level we are on. 

If I stay focused on all the aforementioned things of alignment with Spirit, thanksgiving, thinking of Jeremy has transitioned and not all the other powerfully negative descriptions and have love, peace and acceptance then my vibrational level is high which means I am vibrating on a much higher frequency than if I am sullen and negative.

It is important for us to complete our life’s mission and I know even though we are grieving and are in the depths of hell at times, that if we keep our frequencies high then we can still affect the energy around us and the vibration will have a ripple effect and we can still contribute and affect others in a positive and powerful way.  If we are being strong and affecting others with our high frequency then we are still contributing and being productive and I believe that makes us feel even stronger and pivots us to continue to be stronger and motivates us to smile a little bit more and reach for the stars and the frequency of love, acceptance and peace.

It’s amazing the turns that I have experienced with Jeremy; for now it is reading.  I find this very good, because two weeks ago I couldn’t read anything but a line or two at a time and I for one use to read two to four books a week. 

I still have to stay plugged into meditations, scriptures, and my sacred house music.  I still have a long journey ahead of me but I hope by sharing a few of my “accomplishments” that it gives you hope and motivates you to be a champion for our children who have gone before us and for those who remain.

Life is precious; it is also short.  We know all too well that it is shorter for some than others.  But we must remember it is not the quantity of life, but the quality.  We need to finish our journey’s as best we can albeit one second at a time.

In love and deep understanding,

Sandra xx

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