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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

My last communication with my son would be one year ago today.  It was a text message sent 2/23/11 at 4:41 p.m.  “I love you too!!!J  And we promised each other that we would talk again soon – you know the text… ttys.  I just miss him so much.  I know he is a whisper away and today he is holding me up yet again.  I have a book that has “messages from light beings, angels” and Jeremy has led me to this book numerous times over the course of the last several months; today he did so again.  He guided me to a message that said, paraphrased, “I come to reinforce your faith, as today you doubt your connection, you can call on me to increase the connection.  Open your heart and spirit and you will be amazed at the miracles that can occur.  The closer the connection you feel, the more serenity you will have, as all things come with the knowledge that you are connected, not only with Spirit, but with everything and everyone.  “We Are Here For You” by Kathleen Peterson.

I am struggling – one of the steps back has been taken.  I began doubting myself and although I still feel the connection with my son; it just hasn’t felt as strong the last few weeks.  I know he must have other things to do than babysit me all the time, but with his birthday right around the corner, then his “rebirth” day at the next turn; it’s been difficult.

Jeremy led me to “my angel” book and it was amazing the message he gave me; the aforementioned.  So I am proceeding with asking for an increase in connection for I can’t think to live another twenty years without my son.

For me the message has given me increased faith, hope and courage…..I have increased in connection as I share with you.  I know this is a message that my son wants all moms, parents, and siblings to hear.  We have lost so many to the Afghanistan war and I know they want to say to mom and dad, hey we are okay and for you that have lost your children to other tragedies, they are ok too.  They are in the loving and wondrous hands of God and the Universe.

I have spent two days in tears, but my son has taught me how to stay out of Midnight and I am so thankful he has for it is a terrifying and tortuous place; like this isn’t hard enough………

God grant us faith, strength, wisdom and courage and a strong connection to you and through your Spirit to our children…….

In love and a deep understanding,

Sandra xx


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