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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

I have often wondered how it is that I am so connected to my son after his transition into the Spirit world, the other side of the veil; his nonphysical form.  The connection is very strong and I cannot tell you how it has literally kept me going forward.  I have said many times that I want Jeremy and my daughter to be proud of how I manage myself, although with this kind of anguish as a parent you know that it is all you can do from totally shutting down.  Again, Jeremy has been my guardian angel and has helped me one step at a time even though one step may go backward; he is always there to help me “keep moving”. 

However; I keep returning to the thought that such a strong connection is similar to the umbilical cord; it is as though we are still attached in a spiritual way.   At times I can almost feel it from my heart into the spiritual realm.  I have sensed this connection on several levels spiritually with my son and it is as though it never leaves me.  I also have felt the oneness of energy with Mother Nature; the trees, the birds; our beautiful universe.  However; this connection is special as in “blood is thicker than water” in the physical realm.

With that said, I have pondered the connection as mother and child; caring and nurturing Jeremy for nine months and bonding with him even while in my tummy, birthing him and actually seeing the cord connected from my physical body to his small physical body.  It is still a miracle to me even after twenty-six years.

I read of this spiritual connectedness that others have had spiritually and understand it only through my own perception and my own spiritual experiences and I believe that is the only way to truly understand; in that it being my spiritual experience.

I was referred to a book by Deepak Chopra, “The Essential”, “Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” series and “Synchrodestiny” that contain experiments done at the Chopra Center that I would like to share with you. 

Before launching into the experiments I would like to refresh my thoughts regarding the energy that I have seen of Jeremy – once his golden energy was moving so fast it were as though it was still, glimpses of him, sensing his presence, hearing his voice and sensing the connectedness of energy we have together and with the Universe and being one with the Universal Mind and Spirit, one with God.  His watching me through the night and keeping me safe, sending help my way when I have needed outside help, these special experiences have become an everyday experience with him and though there are times his presence is not as strong as other times; I know he is with me.

Chopra states to think of the Universe as one huge single organism, speaks of us feeling the effects of the sun in circadian rhythms, and gravitational effects of the sun and moon on the earth causing ocean tides and living in “synchrodestiny” with the world; our earth.  He uses examples as to how birds fly in sync and fish swim in sync without a moment’s hesitation they turn in perfect synchronization and harmony.  There are matters and objects that are solid and have boundaries but yet when broken down to the atoms and energy nothing is really solid.  He speaks of atoms, photons and that the physical world “as we experience it is governed by immutable laws of cause and effect”.  This reference is in regards to what he calls the Physical Domain, Level 1.  However; the other domain he refers to as the Quantum Domain, Level 2 and is one I have been most interested in.

And I quote: “At the second level of existence everything consists of information and energy.  This is called the quantum domain.  Everything at this level is insubstantial, meaning that it cannot be touched or perceived by any of the five senses.  Your mind, your thoughts, your ego, the part of you that you typically think of as your “self” are all part of the quantum domain.  These things have no solidity, and yet you know yourself and your thoughts to be real.  Although it is easiest to think of the quantum domain in terms of mind, it encompasses much more.  In fact, everything in the visible universe is a manifestation of the energy and information of the quantum domain.  The material world is a subset of the quantum world.”

Although there is not a way for me to express in words that which I perceive he speaks of; yet in my own little bubble of the world with the spiritual experiences I have had with my son I know that which is of the quantum level.  But I am not a physicist or scientist and all I can do is journal my life experiences and share these with you.

I would like to as briefly as possible share a few experimentations performed by Clive Baxter from the Chopra Center, because for me it gives a glimpse into the perceptions of how each cell is alive and shows proof of connectedness and although these are all in the physical realm I believe they cross the veil to the nonphysical realm.

1)   This experiment was performed by researcher Cleve Baxter who developed a methodology for studying human cells that had been isolated from a person’s body.  “One day Clive Baxter was isolating white cells in order to study them; (I will not go into all the details here to make my point).  Mr. Baxter had decided to inflict a small cut on the back of his hand to see if it would affect his white cells.  To do so he had to search for a sterile lancet on a nearby shelf.  When he came back he glanced at the chart that was recording the electromagnetic activity of the white blood cells.  It had already registered intense activity among the white blood cells during his search for the lancet.  In other words, his white cells were reacting to his “intention” to cut his hand even before he actually inflicted the cut.”

2)   This experiment goes into detail as to how and why it came about and I rather get more to the point of the experiment, however; it played itself out with video cameras and tripods in two different locations for chart recordings, cell collection, and a viewing of a Playboy magazine which featured Bo Derek “in her nothingness” with Steve in another room with the magazine.  Clive Baxter has been noted to say “Even as Steve said aloud “I don’t think she’s a ten,” his white cells in the test tube showed a full-scale reaction, hitting the top and bottom limit stops on the chart recorder.”  After two full minutes of his electrode cells calmed down.  Then, a minute later, when Steve reached over to reopen the closed magazine, the cells spiked again.  Cleve Baxter states, “When Steve experienced this high-quality observation, knowing the feelings and thoughts of his own mind, it put an end to any skepticism.” 

Cleve Baxter has performed many similar experiments revealing that the cells of all biological organisms, including plants and a variety of bacteria, have bio-communication ability.  All living cells have a cellular consciousness and are able to communicate with other cells of the same or other species even when they are a distance apart.  Moreover, this communication is instantaneous.  Since distance in space is also distance in time, one could therefore say that events separated from each other in time, occurring either in the past or in the future, could be instantly correlated.”

3)   “Field researches observed African tribes in which mothers have very close relationships with their children, starting with their unborn babies.  At the moment of conception, the mother will choose a name and then write a song for her baby.  She sings this song throughout pregnancy, when baby is being delivered the song is sung, neighbors while visiting the newborn sing the song, the song is sung with every important milestone, puberty, engagement and wedding and is believed to be such a bonding anchor it reaches beyond death when sung at the funeral.  It creates such an intimate connection that if the baby is somewhere in the bushes and the mother is out in the fields, if the baby feels discomfort of any kind, the mother will experience the same discomfort in her body at that very moment.  Another well-known example of nonlocal communication between mother and child is the leakage of breast milk when the child cries out with hunger; there is no doubt in my mind, heart or soul that the connection between me and my children being one with God is immutable and infinite.  There are so many levels of science, quantum levels, photons, The Big Bang Theory, evolution, life after death experiences and I just want to share my life experience in hopes that my after-life experience with my son will bring some hope, open a portal or channel to know that there truly is no death; that our children live in another dimension happy, whole and content.

I will quote once again Eckhart Tolle, “die before you die”, and find there is no death”.

I can’t imagine thinking that when your physical body goes back into the dust that there is nothing else.  What point would there be in life?  What truly would be the point?  I am of an age now that I know that there is no way for me to have enough life experiences in one life time to get it right spiritually or get it right in the physical realm.  I tried to be the best mom ever and I still made so many mistakes as a human. 

As you can see, I search for answers to my questions and I find them; at least for me they are more than adequately answered.  I pray you find some of the same comfort in this physical realm as I do for now with the experiences and other’s knowledge that I share with you.

In love and understanding,

Sandra xx

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