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Monday, January 9, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

January 9, 2012 Memoirs with Jeremy

I have been giving thought about our spirits residing within us.  There are many teachings on this; one being the church referring to the Holy Spirit.  Others with the ‘The New Thought” movement refer to our spirits as our Core, Energy Source, and the Universal Mind.  I particularly enjoy referring to the spirit that resides within me as my soul level.  I try to reach a broad range of people and use each of these words as merely sign posts to point to our spiritual journey.  Words are just tools to communicate.  In fact, in a particular communication that my son had with me; he said “there are no earthly words to describe the peace and the love that it here”. 

Since my son’s passing I have been very connected to him and I try to wrap my mind around the nonphysical and it’s really over my head.  I don’t think anyone in the physical realm truly knows how all this spiritual stuff works until we pass to the other side.  I definitely believe in life after death and my son, knowing I needed extra, extra comfort has proven to me many times that he lives on.  In fact, I have seen his energy, I have felt his presence and I maintain that he is more alive than I am.  His energy was so powerful and so pure and permeated with peace and love.

In thinking in regards to our spirits and referring to my son’s passing I wanted to relate some of my thoughts to those who have lost children in hopes it might bring you comfort.  What my son has shown me is that we are all connected and that we are truly one with all things and all people.  That is why some refer to the Spirit as the Universal Mind. 

If we are all connected and of one Universal Mind and we go back to a church teaching of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us; meaning God’s Spirit dwells within our bodies and the Bible refers to our physical bodies as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to inhabit.

That means that God is always available to us, that the Universal Mind has all the answers and comforts that we seek and is inexhaustible and reliable for complete guidance in all we do.  As we pray, say our mantras, speak our scriptures there is limitless power of creation and knowledge that dwells within us.  It is an entire Universe at our very core; at our soul level.  A living, breathing universe full of stars, planets, all people, all things, space and time at the depth of our souls.  This means to me that our spirit which dwells within us is limitless, timeless and deathless.

This is good news to me, knowing that my son does, in fact, live on.  I miss him in this physical realm and I search for him all the time; at all hours each and every day.  He has helped me, held my hand, put his arm around me and helped back to bed; I have felt him sit on the bed beside me and watch over me through many nights.  I have said time again that God will not ask me to let him go, knowing that he has other work to do and not to cling to him, but it hit me that if we are connected and we are all one in spirit, then he never left me to begin with.  He will always be with me because we are one.

The limitless power of creation is for us to call upon, it dwells within us, it is in each of us, one with us and we are all a part of it.

May we reach upward and let the Divine Intelligence, the Universal Mind, and God who dwells within our soul level light our paths with revelations to help find truth and revelation to our grief and being one with our children even though we remain in the physical realm.

The Spirit is Pure, is love, kindness, peace, knowledge, accepting and forgiving.  I believe these standards are the only way to some semblance of healing for us all.

I pray this gives you strength and enlightenment so that you can “touch” the Universal Spirit and stay connected with the spirit/s of your loved ones.  It’s been a saving grace for me.

I leave today’s thought with two quotes:

“A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.”  Proverbs 19:11

“A measure of love is love without measure.”

This refers to the unconditional love and acceptance, forgiveness that we as parents have for our children.  Our love for them is immutable, unconditional and infinite.  I am happy to know that we are all connected at our soul level with God, Mother Nature and the Universal Mind and Energy Source.  It has helped to bring peace to my broken heart; albeit a long journey without Jeremy beside me in the physical realm, I can rest assured he is with me at all times in the nonphysical realm.

May God bless our broken hearts and be generous with his revelations,


Proud Mom of Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith, United States Marine Corps

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