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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

As I was sitting quietly starting my day with breathing and centering my body with my core, all the while my son quietly guiding me, letting my thoughts be guided on some things that are significant to me.  Knowing that breath is important and I concentrated on my heart and begun to realize that breathing and the rhythm of my heart started aligning themselves and reached a point where I could feel every cell of my body aligning with Spirit.  Being in the spirit of gratitude and thankful for breath and the peace that can be found in the moment; in the now.

Being in the now means letting the past go and letting the future evolve.  It is not that plans are not made, we are in the physical realm and they must.  For me being in the now is bringing all my good memories with me of my son, daughter and grands, letting go of all the baggage that was weighed down with heartache, stress and torment.  Although, some of these emotions still plague me due to my son being in the nonphysical realm now; I am learning to stay in tune with the Spirit; there is some ease there.  If I stay outside of Spirit I find disease.

Breathe, when inhaling deeply brings us one with the Spirit, Spirit flowing through us; it is at the very still point of the breath before you exhale that if you will be very still and quiet you will notice a small space of stillness that places you with Spirit, a connection to Spirit.  That is being in the present moment, not the one before or after, but in the precise moment of connection.

At this point of contact is peace and it seems as though the universe expands inside you and you can touch the stars and sense all spiritual beings full of love and contentment; freedom and joy. 

This moment, this connection can be as though it is an elusive butterfly because as physical beings as we exhale we let our thoughts start running amuck.  The “trick”, which I haven’t been able to be as consistent as I would like, is to learn to reside there longer and more often and finally to live there.   I am not suggesting we flutter around like butterflies because we are in the physical realm for a reason, but I am pointing to the fact that our Spirits are much larger than life than we give credence to and there is so much to learn in the Spirit realm or perhaps more adequately put OF the spirit realm.  Meaning that being in the “spirit realm” we learn to live in love, not resisting or pushing each other and being kind to each other.  Being in the spirit keeps us calm when drama hits when dealing with friends and family and learning to be in acceptance of their journeys.  These really are basic love factors.  But, we as humans also have emotions and they are real to us and for me it is going through the emotions, taking a good look at it, ride it through and reach for the Spirit to guide you in the right direction.

My sweet son has reached out to me in tormenting times, he has given me wisdom when most needed and he has given me a glimpse of true Spirit Love and it is overwhelmingly wonderful.  I am so grateful to God, Universe, Holy Spirit; the One….that has graced me with this special gift of spiritual time with Jeremy.  He has come in times of turmoil and at the end of the breath that I have spoken of.  The most precious thing that he has proven to me is that there is life beyond the realm we reside in now, there is life after death….there was life before death and that is where we originated. 

I find peace with my daughter and grands and there is lots of love there; letting love heal my life, however; the expansion of life and finishing this race lies before me.  I am choosing to do it right, although I take steps backwards and am picking myself up and moving forward again.  Jeremy is my hero and champion, I would like to take his lead….he has set the bar high, but I am reaching for it as hard as it is, I grasp for it at all times.  My son can only guide me; I have to do this one on my own.

Here’s to making our dearly departed proud of us and be champions for those who are with us now…..

With love, gratitude and a longing that no one else could ever fathom….may we as survivors do this like champs……may God bless us, guide us and give us courage and strength,

(Just for the record; Jeremy started this motivational thinking with me this morning…..and as writers – he being the Warrior Poet and me being Mom I had to put all these thoughts on paper – I sure hope it blesses someone, somewhere)

With much love and understanding,

Sandra xx

Proud Mom of Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith United States Marine Corps

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