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Monday, January 16, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

"Heal your life with love....."

I spent two nights/three days with my daughter and my grandchildren.  It is a wondrous feeling being with those that you love and knowing they love you back.  Family is everything.  You can take all the materialistic things of the world away but when it comes to family those are the true treasures in life; you cannot put a value on something that is invaluable.

I was able to breath around my family, it felt so good.  I have returned home now, it is so quiet but the peace is still with me.  I had been trying to come with terms about getting closer to my grands but because of the economy all my real estate is tied up and by the time I could make it happen my grands will be older and into their friends and starting their own life..... I can only go where I am led and I know not to resist or push, but go with the flow.

The emptiness of Jeremy being gone is unbearable, but it doesn't mean I am not suppose to bear it.

It is true; you can heal you life with love.....although we as parents who have lost children know the broken heart can never be mended but with the love of family and friends at least there can remain some healing with love.....

Hope everyone has had a good weekend....xx

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