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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Memories with Jeremy

I am heavy hearted with the divisiveness of our country. I am – I suppose – a moderate. Definitely an independent. I don’t sway left or right, but try to find the middle of the issues to be fair for all. I am neither Republican nor Democrat; I believe in some of what they both stand for.
I do not claim to be an authority on global warming, but believe there have been changes to our weather. Nor do I claim to be an authority regarding Revelations, even though I have read it many times. What or who do you swing with – that the weather is indicating that we are at the inception of the end of the world – according to Christians. Or…that it is global warming and throw tons of money into climate change. Where is the middle ground?
I believe in the American way and the American dream. I think anyone who wants to come and share that with us should. However; I believe it should be done properly – legally. Like everyone else who has been here and dedicated themselves to become an American. Why should some accept that and others do not…..I believe the system should be simplified for those who are here and those who want to be part of our system.
I do not see anything wrong with vetting. I know for a fact you cannot go into the Middle East or Mexico without proper documentation or overstaying your visa. I had to come home every 6 months – when my daughter was a baby and reenter according to Saudi Arabia rules – not mine. My daughter was born in their hospital – but it did not give her immediate citizenship. That did not offend me even though I had lived there for years.
I have been exposed to many countries and religions. My family is composed of some Native Americans and Hispanics. My daughter was born in Saudi Arabia. I had a boyfriend from Saudi some time back. I made many friends while I lived there – from Australia, England, India, Middle East, Far East, France, etc. I was married to a German; his family spoke broken English. I travelled a large part of Europe and the Middle East and loved everyone I met. It was truly a blessing having met each and every one of them.
It is sad that we are taking precautions at the airports with our brothers and sisters coming in. But, I do want my country safe. My son fought in Afghanistan and died there. He served 4 tours – 3 in Iraq and the last in Afghanistan. We talked about how it was necessary – according to the Marines – to keep the fight there and not let it come to our beautiful nation. Jeremy joined the Marines righter after 9/11. Many of his friends did the same. Much controversy here. But I believe in better safe than sorry. It saddens me that much of what my son went through has been reversed – many lost their lives in Iraq. I do not – again – claim to be an authority, however; if a Marine believes so do I.
I also, know for a fact, that our military needs upgrading. I have been a family of the Marines for years now and I have heard the issues that have been raised…including and not limited to our men having enough food for them while on deployment. Not to mention old gear, etc.
I believe in sharing our country to anyone who wants to be a proud American. I am not an alarmist, but I would like to know that there will not be bomb attacks on our land again. What is wrong with better safe than sorry?
I do not judge anyone for their color, race or religion. I believe to each his own and it is none of my business what or who someone else chooses. Including same sex couples – marriage if they wish. I am a little iffy on marriage, but not who marries whom. In fact, I am going to a gay wedding in March – the couple is family to me and I have loved them since they were in elementary school.
I believe in women’s rights – of course, equal pay and promotions. I have gray areas regarding abortion. I do not believe it should be used as a contraceptive and I do not believe a full term – half term baby should be murdered. I believe they are human in the womb. However; there can be unfortunate and humane reasons to abort. I have issues personally on this subject and think we should turn down the dial a bit.
I would love to see new roads, bridges, environment and water upgrades. Also – borders more protected. I think our educational system needs a lot of help – my kids received a good education and really I am not in that dimension of children going to school – but, more pay better schools. There are so many safety issues and teacher’s pay, etc. But I believe in the best of both worlds for teachers and students.
It didn’t bother me that we had a half black/white President…no more than it would bother me if they were gay, a woman or purple. I did not care for Obama’s term, but that is just a personal opinion….there are those who loved everything he did. But, I sure wouldn’t argue or start a personal war over it. I LOVED Ben Carson – I think he is one of the most intelligent people I have ever heard. However; the Christian way is not always spot on. I vote only for what I personally believe would better our great country.
I don’t have issues with transgender people in the army or any aspect of our world. They are who they are and should be loved. Christianity has been poked down our throats, but since people have been “coming out of the closet” so much has been accepted in the last decade. I think we will all come around and find that we are who we are – no matter what that entails. We should never judge or create drama to fit our way of thinking, believing or living.
I am a deplorable – I voted for Donald Trump. Yes he is rough around the edges. But, I hope and believe that our POTUS can make some very sound and great changes. Just as those who believed in Obama….why am I wrong to have a belief? I allowed you yours. I respected anyone who voted for Obama and didn’t vote for Trump – that would be my daughter and her husband. It didn’t tear our family up – we were kind about our differences and spoke about them respectfully.
Let’s meet in the middle people. Let’s put our country first and our personal needs after. Just like our military and my Marines. PEACE TO USA AND THE WORLD
Sandra Kay Harris-Smith
Proud Mom of Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith USMC 03-09-85-04-06-11

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