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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

Although I have learned “Namaste”; the spirit in me honors the spirit in you and know that it is important that I respect others journeys, for a complete circle of truth to be birthed is complete forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter the insensitivites, lack of moral perception, the standard or measurement of integrity or the quality of ethics that has been even subtly displayed toward my family I have come to realize that by holding them accountable I have enforced judgment upon them.  Even in my heart knowing that the actions or lack thereof to be true I am not connected to the Spirit’s perception of anyone unless I walk in love and extend love and compassion to all.

I see that not by exercising complete forgiveness that I have let darkness in and by recognizing the error of my thinking and perceptions of honoring their spirit, respecting their journey that I must feel true compassion and love to be in alignment with Spirit.

I must not judge why they did or did not but see the spirit in them that is the Spirit of God in us all.  I am not being in the present but allowing the past to overcast my present and therefore stopping the flow of enlightenment.

With that said, there is a season for others in our life and when we gently let them go we should do so in love, compassion and forgiveness and not hold them accountable for anything that is in the past for the future of enlightenment is Now.

In love and understanding,

Sandra xx

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