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Friday, June 15, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

I found this is in some of the research I have been doing to better understand the connection I have had with my son.

This is a partial paragraph which pertains to my personal spiritual experiences with Jeremy and I believe it shares a lot of light on the experiences.

It is from "Infinite Quest" by John Edward regarding Mediumship:  "........Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to communicate with your loved ones in the Afterlife from time to time.  That is a very different experience, one that I wish for everyone.  In fact, I encourage all my clients and students to reach out to their friends and family who have passed over.  The love never dies and they are around you.  But the reason you are connecting with them is the bond of love your share."

This says a lot to me..... hope it helps you too.

In love and understanding,
Sandra xx

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