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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

I wrote this right after my son's transition April 2011 it was inspired due to a conversation that I had with him before his last deployment to Afghanistan and it is one conversation that I am very thankful I had with him and I pray that he kept my sharing these thoughts in his heart.

Dear Son and brave Marine,

Never think for a minute or doubt to any degree that you were totally alone; you were always with me.  I love that you now feel free as a flying dove and that you have always known of my unconditional love.

Make no mistake though and know that this is true, whatever your task has been your country has done too. Every deed you have done is on our shoulders as well; I have personally been right with you there in hell.   You have only done what has been asked of you.    You were called by your country tried and true.  Mind over matter and all that you taught; for this great country of ours you bravely fought.

You did as you were told so brave and bold. I know in your heart of hearts you wished that it not be so.   But, you fought as you were taught son with a heart full of courage going forth for this great country of ours.  You bravely went forth putting your life and future on the line fighting for freedom for yours and mine.

It wasn’t just you in that midnight hour; it was all of us in this great country of ours.  Through you doing those things you had rather not; affording us the freedom for which you have fought.  So I know that you are forgiven and we are too because your country and its people called you.  So as your heart was ordained and as our great country called, God anointed and you surged forth bravely as you were appointed.

I will try to dry my tears for I am exhausted with the pain and anguish of your heavenly ascension.  I will try to calm all the silent screams that cause my body so much tension.  I will look for the Sonshine light in the midnight hour.  I know through your love and God’s we will all be delivered with His mighty love and power.

Thank you son for all you have done some of which we know and a lot of which we do not.  But thank you for our freedom in the country for which you have fought.  You have given it all you’ve got.

To My son, Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith UMSC, 03-09-85 – 04-06-11

I love you son, Mom xxoo

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