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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memoirs with Jeremy

                                                Memoirs with Jeremy
                                                    January 1, 2012

When I awoke this morning I had a sensation that was slightly familiar to me.  It was as though my spirit had just gone back into my body.  Right after the death of my son, Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith, I remember while sleeping I came from a very deep sleep and said “My spirit left my body” and I could actually feel it float away from me, but because I was awakened, my spirit returned immediately.  I have had such experiences only a few times, but enough now though to be able to be a little keener about them.
It was as though my son had “taken me out on the town” it being New Years Eve and I distinctly remember visiting his friends as they were bringing the New Year in, but it is my only recollection.  I truly hope I get better at remembering these outings.
My evening consisted of a very hot bath with my soothing music playing and a fire glowing with a glass of dark red wine.  I soaked and enjoyed this for just a little while; I am not much of a “soaker”.  I share this because I could hear Jeremy in my head saying this is going to be a new year, Mom.  Let’s put things into perspective and start the New Year with new beginnings.   He continued to remind me that I am not just physical form that inside me at my core level are many possibilities and potentials.
As I awoke this morning, fending off the depression and panic of not having my son to start the New Year with, Jeremy spoke to me very boldly and said “Let’s not go there, Mom.  Let’s face the day as the first day of the rest of your life.”

He continued to remind me that my physical form was only temporary and that I had my journey to complete and to try to stay focused on the fact that within this physical form lays all the answers to all the questions and comes with a completed kit of directions and guidance at my core level.  To not doubt that our Source, our Universe, God, our Creator, the all empowering Energy is ready at all times to offer a helping hand.  It was about this time that one of my favorite people in the whole world called me and asked me to take time to read something for her.  I did as she asked knowing that it would be a blessing.  It was confirmation of all the things my son had been sharing, but in different format, of course. I am very thankful to her that she listened to being prompted to share these with me.  It has helped me to go boldly forth with all the things Jeremy was sharing with me.
In these two readings was one of my favorite quotes and actually sums up the readings and Jeremy’s encouraging words.  “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.  We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
I was so appreciative for this did two things for me 1) it confirmed the guidance and encouragement from my son 2) having the confirmation made me even stronger in my faith and that we are spirit beings first and foremost.
I am a novice compared to most physics and those who “channel”.  I have always believed in life after death, but this is my son, making it even greater to me that the hereafter be confirmed.  I am rather new to this, although all my life I have had sporadic revelations and spiritual experiences that are not commonplace but supernatural in nature. 
I will say that I am so thankful to God our Source, that is full of energy and love that he has granted these visits to me and for me.  I have actually seen my son’s energy.  It is so beautiful and golden.  The movement of his energy was so highly evolved that it was moving extremely fast, so fast that it seemed to be still.  He projected a powerful spirit full of love, kindness and compassion.
I have been extremely blessed to have witnessed all that I have and to have the “out of body” experiences as well.  I am compelled to share everything that I possibly can remember and I do my best to put these into earthly words. 
I occasionally share on facebook, small portions of my writings and it is amazing at the people who have had similar experiences, yet no one speaks of them.  This, I believe, is much more natural to my thinking than to not have these spiritual experiences and they should be shared and not kept in secret.
I believe that if we keep our minds and hearts open to the idea that our loved ones can come to us in a nonphysical form then perhaps we would be blessed by more glimpses of them.
I also believe that they have further work to do and must move on to whatever their task or journey may be.  But, I know that I don’t have to “let go” of my son, a loving God would not do that to me.  I think as I become stronger that I will be able to move from needing Jeremy’s spiritual visits as often, however; I will miss him until I reach the other side of the spirit realm and I don’t think that an all loving Father would keep me from my son for the rest of my days on earth.  I strongly believe that when I truly need to feel my son’s presence that I will be blessed with him.  I know not how, because this has truly been a journey for me because he has done many things each one different from the last to prove to me that he is truly still alive.  In fact, Jeremy is more alive than I am in my physical form.
I still miss him so very much and it is not the same as having him here to physically give a bear hug or see that beautiful smile or hear his contagious laughter.  I am blessed that to date I have still had time to share with him and to become to know him in his nonphysical form. I will have to wait on those things that made him who he was as a child, a man and a Marine.  Jeremy was powerful in his physical form on earth and it is nothing to compare to his powerfulness now.  He was anointed before and surely is now.
I know we will reunite when I have accomplished my task/s and completed my journey.  I just hope I can do it as well as he has because Jeremy has definitely raised the bar.
I love you son, you are my Sonshine and my hero, son/Ssgt. Jeremy D. Smith, Mom xxoo

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